All Models
• Fast Acting 3-Way Electronic Control Valve to Precisely Meter in Heat
• Ball Valves for Isolation on Each Circuit
• Wye Strainers on Domestic and Boiler Side Circuits
• Compact Stainless Steel Double Walled Brazed Plate or Plate and Frame HTX
• Control Panel with Color Touchscreen HMI

Instantaneous –Plate and Frame
• Recirculation Pump on Domestic Bypass Leg to Keep Water Primed
• Plates can be Added or Removed

Instantaneous –Brazed Plate
• Recirculation Pump on Domestic Bypass Leg to Keep Water Primed
• Smaller Footprint than Plate and Frame Units

Tank Heating –Plate and Frame
• Recirculation Pump on Domestic Side to Flow Domestic Water from Tank to Heat Exchanger
• Plates Can be Added or Removed
• Optional Tanks can be Included on Skid

Materials of Construction
• 316 Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
• Boiler Water Side
• Black Steel Piping
• Carbon Steel Ball Valves
• Cast Iron Wye Strainer (instantaneous models)
• Cast Iron 3 Way Control Valve Body (instantaneous models)
• Domestic Water Side
• Stainless Steel Piping
• Stainless Steel Ball Valves
• Stainless Steel Wye Strainer


Multiple Units with Capacities from 10 to 60 GPM of DHW from 40-140 Deg. F.


• NEMA 4 Housing
• 115V/1P
• Fusing with External Access
• 4.5” Color Touchscreen HMI
• Programmable Setpoint and Alarm Conditions
• History Trending
• Audible Alarm w/Silence
• RTD Temperature Sensor
• High Temperature Limit Switch (instantaneous models)
• Pressure and Temperature Gauges